This is a “where do we start?” page.

Sit back, take your time, relax and read – this is an important decision…………….

Obviously, you’ve already started by looking at this web site and indeed other or many other web sites BUT by looking it surely means that you are interested in owning a Holiday or Residential Home in Spain.

Most clients buy in areas with which they are familiar. For example, areas which they have visited for holidays e.g. the Costa Blanca or Mallorca so the area for purchase is in some way, a familiar area.

In a similar sort of way, we, at Dicasa, sell in areas with which we are familiar. In other words, we don’t suddenly add an area or a country with which we are NOT familiar. This way we can offer advice based on solid experience. It sounds like common sense, however, not all companies do business this way – that’s why DICASA is much more than a web site. We are at the end of a telephone for a reason – not to hard sell or to cajole but to have a friendly chat and to ensure that the properties which we are selling are in fact the properties which our clients may feel like buying.

Why should we use an agent like Dicasa?

If there isn’t a compatibility between us and our clients, we will refer our clients elsewhere and we will never try to shoehorn clients into properties which are not suitable for them. This is the basis of a good agent and client relationship! It’s a very good reason and example as to why, when buying a property in Spain, you should use an agent rather than immediately go directly to a Builder/Developer.  No matter how good the Developer, no matter how good their products and properties are – that Developer only will, and only can, sell their own properties to you, whereas a good agent will listen to your requirements and use their experience to make specific recommendations based on that appraisal.

But where do we start?

Well, its not where do we start, more – where do you start?

You have to start with your budget – nothing is more important and remember, you are BUYING, not looking, meandering or just viewing. You have already taken the decision – yes, loads of i’s to be dotted and loads of t’s to be crossed, before you sign a purchase contract, but if you want to buy a holiday home in Spain and fulfil that dream, you need the wherewithal to be able to do just that! Hence BUDGET first!

Examine your finances carefully and decide

a) what you can afford and

b) how much you are willing to spend.

A few pointers to consider. When you see the price of a property, which may be the perfect one bed apartment by the sea or a delightful 2 bed villa on a golf course – what is it going to cost? Not simply – what is the price of the property BUT what is the TOTAL cost?

Let’s take a practical example.

On the Costa Almeria, one of our favoured builders has a two bed, solarium apartment at €128,000. That is going to be the contract price. This property, at this price, is unfurnished, so let’s also assume you elect to take the standard furniture pack (including all white goods) at €8,300 so the contract price, one may assume is €128,000 + €8,300 = €136,300 but in actual fact vat applies at differing rates to both elements of your purchase.

€128,000 + 10% vat gives you €128,000 + €12,800 = €140,800

But the furniture at €8,300 attracts a higher rate of 21% which gives you €8,300 + €1,743 = €10,043

Add the two together and you have €140,800 + €10,043 = €150,843

So the list price of the property at €128,000 is actually going to cost you €150,843 inc vat.

BUT of course you have some additional costs to take into account which we can detail as, legal fees; stamp duty, etc and we recommend that you should allow about 4% of the cost of the property BUT if you take a Spanish Mortgage these costs will be higher and therefore a full quote, prior to purchase is essential.

Please note that the information provided is for guidance and we strongly recommend that, prior to an actual purchase, each client consults a suitably qualified solicitor. Vat rates are correct at time of publication, however, could change at the behest of national government policy.

The next most important matter is to set your parameters!

Not your financial parameters, as above, but really your intentions. What type of property and its location.

No agent and certainly not Dicasa can tell you what your intentions are. Here, at Dicasa, we can listen to your requirements and, if we have suitable property, point you in the right direction, make appointments for you and arrange visits etc IMPORTANTLY, if we can’t help we will say so at the outset so that you and we do not waste each others’ time. That’s an honest and straightforward attitude from us to you.

So your parameters will aim for your ideal property. You will already know the types available – Villas/semis-detached/duplex/ apartments. Remember, you are buying in a hot country, one that is, year in and year out, going to give you just what you are looking for and that is wall to wall sunshine VIRTUALLY every day! No guarantees from Dicasa on that one, as most certainly, it does rain in Spain and not always on the plain! But generally you will be experiencing a climate which will allow you to spend much more time OUT of the property than you would in a similar property in the UK. What does this mean in practise? You don’t NEED as much space, as many sq. ft. or sq. meters in other words, a smaller  property will be suitable.

Within your parameters must be the AREA and the location of the property! We will assumes that you have the general area in mind e.g. Costa Blanca or Mallorca and usually a more definite local within the initial area!

Having established the above you need to answer or take into account these questions.

  • will you always fly to Spain?
  • will you always drive to Spain?
  • will you always have a car in Spain?
  • will you require specific recreations e.g. golf, swimming or tennis?
  • will you be a beach person or a country person?
  • will you be able to walk to the shops or will you always drive?
  • will you eat out regularly and need bars and restaurants locally?
  • will you be able to compromise on any of the above?

We have had clients who have specific requirements and have been able to satisfy then all during one visit and, likewise, we have had clients unable to find their perfect property. Unfortunately, that perfect property probably doesn’t exist, however, with a little use of compromise, most clients find an ideal property, at the right price and in the right place and the joys of owning a property in Spain are realised!

To summarise

Set your BUDGET and your PARAMETERS and as they say “Bob’s you’re Uncle!”

Well its never going to be quite so simple, but with the above in mind, care, research, good solid advice, and some help, you could soon join the many, many thousands of Brits who happily own a delightful, affordable and desirable home in Spain.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for a no obligation chat – 5, 10, 15 minutes could alter your life for ever!

01204 602857 or 07971889040 or email or

The images within this article show the diverse selection of properties with which we at Dicasa are equipped to help you along your journey. The journey may be long or short but its a journey which will, like all others, “Start with the First Step!” You can take that step with Dicasa!

How to use our web site.

So many web sites ask you for – how many beds? location? price? etc? etc?

The Dicasa web site is slightly different. We have so many properties available, particularly from our larger developers, that if we were to answer these questions, dozens and dozens of properties would appear. Rather than let this happen, we have listed each Development in price order under All Properties. The development heading is shown so if you want to view more details then simply click on that heading and hey presto, further details appear. we recommend that you have a brief look through All Properties. This will show you the diverse range and styles and prices which Dicasa is able to offer to our clients.

More specifically, you will see the other tabs Golf; Sea Views; Villas and here you will see details of these specific categories.

We hope you find this style informative and useful and we look forward to speaking to you personally so that we may assist you in taking the next step AND remember, our services are free to you,  for, in the event of a purchase – the builder pays us for the introduction and NO they will not discount or pay you instead.

This is a standard and correct business agreement between agent and principal, BUT, when ever possible we will enhance your purchase by either a negotiating a discount or contributing to legal expenses. Please be aware that any discount or contribution from Dicasa will not be vast and the reason for that is – most builders are selling everything they are building and prices are positive, not negative.

Although UK buyers are not currently in the ascendancy, this is compensated by the very buoyant Scandinavian, Belgium, German, Dutch and Russian buyers who are enthusiastically purchasing wonderful holiday and residential homes throughout Spain and the Islands!



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