Article 50 – letter signed and about to be delivered!

So, that’s it. Brexit is getting nearer as The PM has signed the letter requesting the UK’s exit from the EU.

What does that mean for our clients who are considering buying a holiday home in Spain or Mallorca?Initially more caution, and that’s because we don’t know what the answer is. Certainly, while we have been in the EU its been great for buyers as the practicality of having a home abroad has been so easy and less complicated than it used to be. Of course, Spanish law is not the same as UK law BUT, the very ease of travelling and transferring money from bank acc to bank acc; the health care situation, wills etc. etc. .

How will it change – my guess is – not much. Brits are cautious at the moment and will be until matters firm up, but at the end of the day Spain is still Spain. The beaches are still the beaches and the atmosphere, the food and the lifestyle, all so attractive – Brits will come back to the market eventually. A word of further caution here. The Spanish property market is back and booming! OK, its not the Brits leading the buying charge this time. It’s the Scandinavians – Norwegians, Swedes and Danes. Add to them the Belgiums (very enthusiastic buyers), the Dutch, Russians and Germans and this is leading to a very positive market place. Yes, prices are increasing, so if any Brit is being cautious, understandably so, be careful about the price. Don’t live a fool’s paradise and think that prices are stable or coming down, as the opposite is true.

So British buyers, looking for a bargain, are some what limited for choice but Dicasa has a number of new properties available starting from around €67,000 (at today’s rate of 1.1488 that’s an incredible £58,325!) plus taxes and legal fees! Can you imagine trying to buy a new property, on a golf course, in the UK for anything like this? Take a look at this and others on our web site –, Properties, Sierra Golf!

Don’t let Brexit scupper the dream of a holiday home in the Spanish sunshine – no need!

Posted by: Jeremy on 29/03/2017 @ 10:01 am
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