Its all been happening!

Without a doubt, the last few months for the UK, have been dramatic. The terrorist attacks and the dreadful high rise apartment fire all intermingled with the General Election and the start of Brexit negotiations…..

In the mean time, for the majority of us, life goes on! We express our sympathy to and have empathy with all those directly involved! We rejoice or are annoyed  with the results of the election and, those who are interested, keep a wary eye on Brexit and, I suppose, for those thinking of buying a property in Spain or buying in Mallorca, perhaps they are concerned about their decision or future decision.

Well, I wish I could offer words of advice, but I can’t. But I can tell you that sales on the Costa Blanca are immensely buoyant with Villas and apartments selling at a high rate. Not as many Brits , as they are concerned about the value of the pound – today, according to Currencies Direct, trading at €1.1421 not as good as it was before the Brexit decision was taken, but not as bad as it was last October when it was below €1.10 to the pound, so its swings and roundabouts in that regard.

What I can tell you, is that, although the pressure is to increase prices of new property, we still have much to offer that is incredible value for money. Nowhere in the UK will you be able to buy a new terraced house, on the edge of a golf course, with a basement, ground and bedroom floor plus a solarium for any thing like the just under £60,000 price tag – two beds, two baths of course! taxes to be added and the rate used is as above. This is the Costa Blanca value for you!

But you don’t even need to go to £60k on the Costa Blanca as we are able to offer a one bed roomed apartment on the edge of golf for just under £40,000. Of course we have luxury apartment in Benidorm for up to €450,000 (starting around €281,000) so there’s so much to choose from and the coming holiday season is an ideal time to visit.

Be it on the Costa Blanca – North or South or in Mallorca (apartments from €215,000 and Villas up to €490,000) we are always happy to arrange buying and viewing appointments with our developers and agents and rest assured we will point you in the right direction, if we can’t help you we wont event try. We will not waste our clients’ time.

As usual  all prices quoted need the dreaded vat and costs adding but on £40,000 for a home in the sun……



Posted by: Jeremy on 19/06/2017 @ 10:10 am
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