Starting to cool down?

Yes of course but still very hot throughout Spain and that’s why most people buying in Spain go for the Sea side! The hot, hot, hot places are always in central Spain. The capital Madrid seems to have a mass exodus during August because its so hot and stuffy so the Spanish head to the coasts. Brits on holiday by the coast say in the Costa Blanca for example will see the native Spaniards enjoying their summer holidays to the full. Of course, the Brits may go our for dinner at say 8 and clear the tables for the late eating Spaniards who often book to eat after 10 pm and sometimes as late as 11.30!

With regards to real estate – well, new build is flying out! The Europeans are now more confident as the Economic misfortunes are generally behind them and although the Spanish economy is recovering, high unemployment means that’s its not the natives who are buying in Spain – its all the others! The Germans, Belgiums, Swedish, Norwegians and the Belgiums. The new build sales means that prices have strengthened and we are witnessing price increases on a very regular basis.

Missing form this list – the Brits. Yes of course many are buying but not as many as in the past. The reason of course is the weak pound which has depreciated against the euro by around 17% since the Brexit vote and the pound continues to slide slowly down. The decline has slowed and perhaps we are seeing it at the bottom right now? Who can tell and its such a great shame as the Brits love Spain – the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, but if they want real value for money and be able to get the best out of their pound they could well look at the Costa Almeria. One of Dicasa’s preferred developers TM are selling the wonderful resort development of Mar de Pulpi. I saw this wonderful beach side piece of land some 10 or 12 years ago and I know then that it would be a great success and, for once, I was right!

Here at Mar de Pulpi prices are as high as €335,000 the real value is in the region of €100,000 where you can buy a delightful seaside, resort development holiday home at an incredible price. Top quality construction, wonderful on site facilities and, even at the furthest point away, the sea is literally just a short walk away. have a look at out web site for the Mar de Pulpi properties  and see what your pound buys you now.

Mortgages are readily available for the suitably qualified persons so 40% deposits (plus taxes and costs) gets the disearning buyer into a holiday home that gives value for money and years of pleasure for the family. Costa Almeria – Mar de Pulpi, it simply has to be considered!

Posted by: Jeremy on 24/08/2017 @ 6:32 pm
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