Strong and Stable?

Well I don’t know about the Government being so described but I can assure you that TM our favoured developer on the Costa Blanca, have been strong and stable since 1969 and incredible history of successful building over 30,000 properties for the Spanish and International markets.

Arenales 9 is now on pre sale and with starting prices estimated to be in the region of €135,000 for an apartment so near to the Sea and Alicante airport – this is well worth looking at and I hope the Brits will really get a look in. The Swedes, Norwegians and Belgiums plus other Europeans are buying like mad, at the moment, with prices strengthening all the time.

Arenales 9 just like the previous developments of TM will certainly be strong and stable and they don’t have to go for an election – they just, design, self finance and build. These apartment will be wonderful and follow on from the previous 8 developments of TM’s in the Area.

The pound has strengthened a little but I think we have to be content with its current value at around €1.14, however, I don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future of the Brexit negotiations but I’m reasonably confident to say that hot and sunny conditions will ensure wonderful holidays for a long time to come here on the Costa Blanca!

Posted by: Jeremy on 29/06/2017 @ 4:38 pm
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