the real Almeria is it the real Spain in 2017

I’ve often heard the words “the real Spain” but I guess that all Spain and everything in it is real, is it not? Of course, there is commercialisation – Mac Donald’s  have been there for years. Motorways and high speed trains but they are all part of real Spain as far as I’m concerned but the areas are different and when I travel from the Costa Blanca or the Costa del Sol to the Costa Almeria, certainly the phrase “real Spain” is easier to use. In general terms, the mountains are more craggy and the landscape reflects the past mining of metals, coal and ores – all gone now of course, but a fascinating history there. The beaches are less manicured than some but are smaller and in their own way very attractive. The development which we are selling at Mar de Pulpi has fitted in as all the properties are of a Moorish style and very low level. Very interesting. I suggest you have a look and great value for money as well!

Posted by: Jeremy on 21/02/2017 @ 4:18 pm
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