Enquiries up! A good start to the New Year

Posted by: Jeremy on 23/01/2018 @ 2:59 pm
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Agents throughout the UK are reporting a significant increase in the number of enquiries being received for all areas of Spain – Mallorca; Costa del Sol; Costa Blanca and Costa Almeria and all prices, sizes and styles of property. Is this a restart of the UK market buying again? Is it the end of the […]

Starting to cool down?

Posted by: Jeremy on 24/08/2017 @ 6:32 pm
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Yes of course but still very hot throughout Spain and that’s why most people buying in Spain go for the Sea side! The hot, hot, hot places are always in central Spain. The capital Madrid seems to have a mass exodus during August because its so hot and stuffy so the Spanish head to the coasts. […]

Strong and Stable?

Posted by: Jeremy on 29/06/2017 @ 4:38 pm
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Well I don’t know about the Government being so described but I can assure you that TM our favoured developer on the Costa Blanca, have been strong and stable since 1969 and incredible history of successful building over 30,000 properties for the Spanish and International markets. Arenales 9 is now on pre sale and with […]

Its all been happening!

Posted by: Jeremy on 19/06/2017 @ 10:10 am
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Without a doubt, the last few months for the UK, have been dramatic. The terrorist attacks and the dreadful high rise apartment fire all intermingled with the General Election and the start of Brexit negotiations….. In the mean time, for the majority of us, life goes on! We express our sympathy to and have empathy […]

Wonderful – just what we needed! Is it?

Posted by: Jeremy on 29/04/2017 @ 9:55 am
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Yes, its just what we needed – another Election and this time its a big one. THE General Election! How does this effect clients considering buying a property in Spain, buying a property in say the Costa Blanca or specifically buying an apartment by the Sea???? Well, it has no immediate effect at all, other […]


Posted by: Jeremy on 29/06/2017 @ 4:25 pm
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Spacious apartments next to the beach and nature reserve Live the best of Costa Blanca while surrounded by natural beauty Arenales Playa 9 is a residential complex just a few minutes’ walk from the beach and close to a protected nature reserve. Your extensive terrace looks out onto landscaped gardens, 2 swimming pools, 2 jacuzzis […]

Pound highest against the euro since Feb 2017!

Posted by: Jeremy on 18/04/2017 @ 11:10 am
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For any UK based client, those who have to convert their savings into Euros to buy in Spain, then the value of the pound is well worth looking at today! Our favoured Currency dealer, the one we have used for so many years, Currencies Direct, are quoting the Euro at €1.1821 this morning and that’s […]

Article 50 – letter signed and about to be delivered!

Posted by: Jeremy on 29/03/2017 @ 10:01 am
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So, that’s it. Brexit is getting nearer as The PM has signed the letter requesting the UK’s exit from the EU. What does that mean for our clients who are considering buying a holiday home in Spain or Mallorca?Initially more caution, and that’s because we don’t know what the answer is. Certainly, while we have […]

Cost of euros – important to us!

Posted by: Jeremy on 01/03/2017 @ 9:56 am
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Of course, when one’s natural currency is the pound sterling, the euro rate is vital as it will ultimately reflect on the price you pay for a property in Spain. Today, Currencies Direct are quoting a rate of €1.1735 to the pound, and looking at other foreign currency traders, that’s about the good rate at the […]

the real Almeria is it the real Spain in 2017

Posted by: Jeremy on 21/02/2017 @ 4:18 pm
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I’ve often heard the words “the real Spain” but I guess that all Spain and everything in it is real, is it not? Of course, there is commercialisation – Mac Donald’s  have been there for years. Motorways and high speed trains but they are all part of real Spain as far as I’m concerned but […]

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