Pound highest against the euro since Feb 2017!

For any UK based client, those who have to convert their savings into Euros to buy in Spain, then the value of the pound is well worth looking at today!

Our favoured Currency dealer, the one we have used for so many years, Currencies Direct, are quoting the Euro at €1.1821 this morning and that’s a full 4 points up from just a few weeks ago. What does that mean in practise? Well say a UK client is buying in cash and has say £85,000 to spend, well just a few weeks ago with the rate being around 1.14, that would have bought a property (and costs) of €96,900 but today with a rate of 1.1821 that becomes €100,478 giving the client extra buying power of €3,578 and that’s well worth having.

What does this mean in practise? Have a look at our web site and you may wish to peruse SEA VIEWS and then Mar de Pulpi where you can buy a delightful Moorish style apartment with prices starting at €85,000 (at today’s rate £71,906) and that’s a lovely holiday home in Almeria by the Sea – check out the details on the web site.

or if you want to be on the Costa Blanca have a look at GOLF on our web site where you will see a delightful 2 bed town house with final reductions to €66,900 and again at today’s rate this is just £56,600 CAN YOU IMAGINE BUYING ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN THE UK??????

Always remember to add the vat and furniture and indeed all legal and tax costs – we explain this on the web site but whatever a client decides to buy they will have the Spanish sunshine FREE of CHARGES together with the Spanish way of life and that’s the same on the Coast or on the Golf Course and that’s what we at Dicasa offer to our clients!

BREAKING NEWS despite her many assertions to the contrary the PM has called a General Election for June 8 th well what will that do to the value of the pound????

Good luck to all.


Posted by: Jeremy on 18/04/2017 @ 11:10 am
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